Sunday, October 15, 2006

At Last My Map of Bowls

I know I am late with this, but I have had a tough week or two at work on top of difficulties with my asthma and subsequent tiredness.

But this weekend I looked at my untidy quick mind map and reworked it into this slightly neater one.

Promise not to be late with the next challenge!

Kari x


Blogger lalheg said...

Hugs to you sweetie

12:04 am  
Blogger Linda said...

Echo that - hope your health and work situation both improve.
Love the mind map, btw - I would never dare choose a theme that was so narrow and yet your ideas are so wide-ranging. Intriguing.

9:17 am  
Blogger Kim said...

Wonderful theme. Have you heard the music of Michael Perricone?

5:02 pm  
Blogger Kari said...

Thanks guys - Funny isn't a theme that seems too large can become further narrowed and a theme that appears too specific can become wide-reaching. Odd. And Kim, thank you for that link. I have heard of the sacred bowls, but not of Michael Perricone, I think this has to be considered part of my research. See, that is the benefit of doing this in a group, just these sort of ideas!


Kara x

7:19 pm  

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