Friday, September 29, 2006

Fiona's mind map

This is my mind map, not meant to be a work of art itself, just my working notes. I am just so glad to ahve found it underneath the mess the kids leave on the desk. My theme is ancient things and I'll confine my interests to northern Europe: Pictish stones, chambered cairns, Celtic round towers etc We ahve a few on the doorstep for inspiration.



Blogger Jill said...

Great subject - look forward to seeing what you do - also, am deeply envious of you having "stones" on your doorstep :)

3:10 pm  
Blogger Kim said...

I agree, great theme! Love the map, I was getting inspired just looking at the words.

4:58 pm  
Blogger Evie said...

Some great links here! It's going to be an enviable theme!!

8:47 pm  
Blogger Lara Lorelei said...

OOh wonderful- I love ancient stones, like Jill Iwish I had some nearer me.

8:49 am  
Blogger Frog with a Blog said...

Hi!Just found you from babs! You guys are great, I'll be back! Love those mind-maps.

11:08 am  

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