Monday, September 25, 2006

Karin´s Mind Map Picasso

It´s the very first time I did such a mind map, so I´m afraid it is quite small. Right now I think I will focus on Picasso´s abstract paintings and the women in his life and art. Not sure why, but these subjects fascinate me most. I´m sure, other interesting themes will come up while I am trying to learn more about him. So maybe this map will grow during the project.


Blogger Alis said...

Lots of interesting things to work on there Karin. I'd not done a mind map before but found it very useful.
Hugs, Alis

9:56 am  
Blogger lalheg said...

It looks great - and one of the beauties of this project is that it is flexible, so add away to your mind map as you wish

4:21 pm  
Blogger Lara Lorelei said...

It may also contract and you could end up with new mind maps as you get into your exploration.
Great subject too

Claire xx

8:28 am  

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