Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monochrome Collage - North American Indian Style

Well at last I have finished my collage.
Well actually I slipped with the craft knife and now I have 2 collages!

I chose this colour as the stone Turquoise is used a lot in North American Indian jewellery.

It is hard to see but the background is coloured with inks and stamped. The background is also brushed with Pearl Ex powders hence the shine.

Different papers were pasted over the background and then stamped with pictures of cave art.

I actually (health issues aside) found this a real challenge. I love this colour but the temptation to add pink and purple was very hard to fight.


Blogger Linda D. said...

Oh I adore this! So glad you managed to resist adding those extra colours as I think the turquoise works really well. I find it hard to stick to one colour/shade too, so know what you mean, lol.

9:21 am  
Blogger Jill said...

This is just beautiful Alis..I too am pleased you resisted the urge to add more colour..this works so well .

8:37 am  
Blogger Camplin said...

Great color. I like the figure. Your style is great fun.

4:15 am  
Blogger The Lone Beader said...

This collage is beautiful:)

6:23 am  
Blogger red tin heart said...

This is truly wonderful work. I am glad you didn't add pink, it would have ruined it. xoxo nita

4:47 am  
Blogger Vexxxy said...

I love the color in that collage. Totally gorgeous. Your other works are beautiful too.
So glad I got the chance to stop in here.
I also checked out Within Temptation and really like them. Thanks for introducing them and thanks for stopping by my place.

3:24 pm  
Blogger kartika said...

Love your work! - I have just started blogging and collaging, and am blown away by the creativity - Kartika

5:24 pm  
Blogger Angela said...

They are both very beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us! I'm sure glad that you slipped with that craft knife! It was the start of another outstanding work! :)

4:53 pm  
Blogger Celebration of Life said...

Thanks for visiting my blog via San's and your sweet comment.

I like your work it has a lot of movement!


1:26 pm  
Blogger Sandy Camarda said...

Hi Katrina! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :) I love the color and design of your collage! Have a great weekend!


2:22 pm  
Blogger Sandy C said...

Wow this is lovely! Thanks so much for visiting my blog Katrina!You asked about subscribing and there is a 'bloglovin' button at the bottom of my blog that you need to push to keep subscribed. Thanks so much!

Sandy xox

12:58 pm  

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