Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hello from me too

Hi there. Really looking forward to this as it is a bit of a different challenge. Just love the idea of a sketchbook full of stuff like Kari mentioned. I am just a sucker for blank books and all their possibilities.

Recognise adn know quite a few of you and looking forward to getting to know the ones I don't know yet.

Let's have fun!



well I 've made it ! First time I have ever used a blog so a bit scary !!! Still thinking about my theme, have a few ideas, but can't wait to get started

New arrival

I've just joined - this is such a good idea - let the fun begin!! Evie


Woo Hoo!!!

I got here eventually- the Internet was playing up dreadfully yesterday. Even Internet service providers have problems with spam it seems!

I can't wait to get going... like Kari I may continue with a theme I've been working with for a while (ok well... at least 3 years), which is sand patterns, or I might try something new (scary)!!

Thanks for the invite, Laura



Yahoo group

Here's the group for our chat and discussion.....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My theme

Well, I've given it some thought and I think I've decided on my theme. I have an obsession with cemeteries, their architecture, headstones, wildlife et al and I've got a project that I want to use this theme for but want to do lots more exploration and experimentation on it. So that's what I've settled on. What's everyone else chosen?

It's great to see so many folk here already! I'm itching to get started now! ;o)
Having majour internet problems here - raining in Combe Martin so the whole village must be on line!!! But, I think I have made it in.

So excited about this. I am going to be working on American Indian rock art and petroglyphs - a big love of mine that I want to explore further.
Thanks for giving me the chance Laura.

Hugs, Alis.

Hello..... :)

Well hello there, fancy seeing you lot here!

Looking forward to getting started on this one :)


Just signing in to say hello - so excited aboiut this.......
D x
Hi Guys

This sounds like a fantastic idea - it is good to keep with one subject and explore it thoroughly.

Once we have settled on our object/subject, perhaps we can also start up a work-cum-sketchbook dedicated to it as well - what do you think? That can be filled with research (photos, writings, articles, other artists who explore the subject, drawings, colour swatches, fabrics, ideas etc).

My subject is going to be a follow on and continuation of, my recent "Sacred Bowls" explorations. I am certain I will benefit from more in depth investigation inot the concept.

Great idea Laura!

Kari x
Hello, hello, hello! Glad to be here with you all. I hope you all like the title Creative Journey, as it was my suggestion! I feel all famous now lol. Can't wait to get started!


Hi there,
I stumbled here too. Can't wait to start the journey.
*Linda looks around and waves to everyone*
Hello folks :> Great to be here... looking forward to trying out different techniques and experimenting, should be fun!
Oh this is so exciting - we'll have a while to let people get here and then work on setting the rules and gathering ideas for challenges - how do we feel about having a yahoo group for all that kind of stuff?
Hello there...I made it! Thanks for inviting me - this is going to be an interesting project - can feel the movement :).

Like Maz, now I just have to decide on my focus/object/thing.

Hellooooooo, Maz calling....

It's great to be here! Now I just have to make a decision regarding my theme....
Welcome to the Creative Journey. I'd love you to join with me - please leave me a comment and an e mail addy (somehow) if you would like to play along