Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Clay camera by Katrina

well here is my clay challenge finished at last. As it was so thick it took an age to dry through but I got there in the end, its a sort of mish mash of different 1940's cameras, as you always need your camera when traveling! Good job its so small or I would mistake it for my real camera ! Yeah right, I think I will draw a line under clay models for good ! Although I did have fun with it !!

Monday, March 19, 2007

My pear - at last - Laura


Semi naked

Finally I'm posting this. I won't go into the full details of why I'm so late - suffice to say it involves losing the damn thing, trying something new that didn't work and wasting lots of time doing other stuff!

Ah well - not sure if I'm finished with this, but after my struggles I don't know if I want to satin varnish it or if that would even bloody well stay on. Anyone else have problems with air dry clay delaminating itself?


Friday, March 09, 2007

Challenge #5 - Kim


For this challenge I decided to create my own interpretation of the Maya God Itzamna - the Lord of the Heavens, of Night and of Day. He was the founder of the Mayan culture and his attributes includes having a big nose and snakes. I gave him a head of beaded snakes and good sized nose. In dressing him I used fabric I created in Challenge #4.

To create his head I wrapped polymer clay around a ball of aluminum. Inside the aluminum ball was a loop of wire that I had attached eight "hairpins" of wire. Making sure that these pins were evenly spaced coming out of the aluminum ball was a little tedious but it created the look I wanted. Before I baked the head, I added orange and red curls and pressed some seed beads into the clay. After baking the clay I strung the seed beads onto the wires and colored his face.

I've had this polymer clay in a craft drawer for easily a dozen years. I was really surprised that it was still good. I guess stuff like that can last forever!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Clay Challenge

At long last I have done some clay work - I seem to be going all flowery :) Sorry the pics are a bit out of focus..still practicing.
Jill x

Monday, March 05, 2007

Challenge 5

Clay has never, ever been a successful medium for me. In school my attempts to create anything reasonable with clay were always disastrous.

Age has not improved my sculpturing techniques. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that my efforts with clay have worsened over the years!

So this challenge was one I dreaded. I could have gone with a flattish object, like a leaf. But, being me, I wanted to try something different.

My attempt at making a clay model of my conifer in a pot has confirmed that I will never make it as a sculptor. Not that it wasn't fun - I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks as I tried in vain to manipulate the clay into a better shape.

The photos are of the pot in progress, and the final painted version, albeit a poor stab at trying to show the grasses etc that grow around the base. Time to move on to the next challenge asap, methinks!!!